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Step #1: Welcome To San Antonio Golf Performance

We develop athletes first then develop the golfer within us all!

Today’s Golf Principles:

  1. Modern golf is built on power and higher ball flight with an emphasis on scoring.
  2. Your short game – pitching, chipping and especially PUTTING – is critical to cutting strokes off your scorecard.
  3. Driving accuracy is what gives you the opportunity to put yourself in the “driver” seat on every par 4 and par 5.
  4. Irons, hybrids and fairway metals set you up for scoring.
  5. Every hole you play has a score to achieve depending on your level of play.
  6. Bogeys are good for 20 plus handicaps; pars and birdies are for single digits and developing golfers.

All this being said is to give you an overall approach to programming your golf development.

Golf is not a game that anyone can master – maybe Jesus… The game of golf is constantly decomposing – literally. One day you are shooting lights out, the next you can’t hit the side of a barn much less make birdies. Decomposition is another way to describe managing your misses. Golf is a game of misses. No one on the planet hits more than 2 “perfect” shots a round.

Simply put, our team “trains you how to train to improve your golf game”.

We don’t band-aid; we truly teach you how to improve from yourself and your golf game.

If you believe you are ready to take your golf game to the next level SCHEDULE YOUR ASSESSMENT NOW