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Facetime Golf Lesson

Our Online Lesson Program helps beginners, novice and players understand their default mistakes (bad habits) and prescribe the right drill, process and practice regimen to CREATE A CONSISTENT GOLFER. 

SA Golf Performance is not a band-aid. We get to the cause of your golf woes and fix them!


Send us 2 videos (Down the line and Front view angles):

We will setup your CoachNow video training space and THEN schedule an online meeting where we share our analysis and talk about your goals for your game.

After our initial consultation we will send you a full AUDIO, VIDEO, and WRITTEN breakdown of your program that includes a series of drills for you to “master” to develop NEW habits that will give a more consistent swing, game and happiness on the golf course!

We pride ourselves on NOT teaching a “template”, we help you develop your own style and give you insight on how to swing your swing!


We believe your initial consultation will give you enough insight to work on your game for AT LEAST 6 MONTHS. In our experience it takes that much time to establish a new base of sequencing and neural pathways. You are basically hiring a top rated golf performance team for true accountability and coaching.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us bjngolf@gmail.com.

This consultation “package” includes unlimited videos for mastering your drills and your process.

ALSO included is a PRIVATE ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING PLATFORM ON COACHNOW that includes insight and instruction on every aspect of golf, mindset, strategy, fitness and nutrition. Your analysis, drills and ancillary resources are available to you 24/7.