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Golf Teaching 101

If you are reading this and have not had the pleasure of seeing me teach at Polo Field in San Antonio or have yet to register for your FREE Golf Training Space, then you might be researching what a good golf teacher can do for you.

If so, here are some finer points in what you can expect from me as your golf teacher:

#1. Good golf teachers teach. Good golf teachers give lessons from where a student currently is in their golf game. Some prospective students are hesitant to take lessons because in the past they’ve experienced setbacks and even worse, developed new problems with their game. The issue I see with today’s instruction is some teachers are very rigid in their curriculum and miss the entire teaching aspects of golf. Some instructors don’t want their students to play during the changes they are implementing and that’s just not fun. We want to make the game enjoyable from lesson #1 and give our students a new found competence in their own golf swing. There’s no doubt we tell our students what to do but we help them understand why and what for.

#2. Good golf teachers maximize your potential by patiently encouraging your strengths, giving you positive and negative feedback to improve your weaknesses and allowing you to learn and “squirm” to get better faster.

#3. Good golf teachers individualize the support process, such as fitness or corrective exercises, we do this by understanding who you are, your goals, your life, and never give you a “one size fits all” approach to golf or life. You may practice your swing as part of improving your scores, but how you train and how your body reacts to the movement sequence in your golf swing is unique. Golf golf teachers will make sure you have a practice plan that will get you closer to accomplishing your desired outcome as efficiently and quickly as possible. Playing better golf isn’t just a better golf swing, it’s about better fitness, mental acuity and personal development.

#4. Good golf teachers motivate, but they don’t parent. If you expect me or one of my assistants to call you at home to make sure you are practicing and doing the drills perfectly, you have a problem I can’t fix BUT I can give you tools to adopt some success habits.

#5. Good golf teachers teach you how to set goals and project your potential into the future. If you work with me, where will you be 90 days from now, 6 months or a year? Every lesson on the practice tee and playing lesson should be part of a long-term plan with an expected outcome. If your teacher can’t, or won’t do this, get a different teacher.

#6. The golf teacher for you should have a lot of experience solving the type of problems you bring to the relationship. A middle-aged woman needs a young buck assistant pro for a golf teacher like a ferret needs a trampoline – Thomas Plummer. The golf teacher has to fit you, not the other way around. It’s a relationship. Your golf teacher will be part of your life and that is how it should be.

#7. A good golf teacher should help you get out of your own way by pointing out the behaviors that aren’t working for you. It is good to be challenged and it is good to get an outside dose of reality. You want a golf teacher that will be honest and your best friend.

#8. A good golf teacher should challenge you to your limits, but never destroy you. Grinding on the range to failure is so last century and not productive.

#9. A good golf teacher should have the depth to keep you challenged as you progress. In other words, as you get better, he or she has more left to help you progress. Any good golf teacher, or mentor, should have enough knowledge to keep you moving over time. This is rare.

#10. Good golf teachers understand your goals are your goals and should never impose their personal financial goals onto you. Once a week is better than sitting on the couch, twice is perfect for most people who want to compete at higher level. Anything beyond that is a gift of time you should enjoy.

Good golf teachers are worth every penny you might pay, and more if they can get you to change your life for the better. No matter who you are, and what kind of golfer you think you are, there is a teacher out there who can inspire and lead you to a better you over time… and students like that are what also motivates a good golf teacher to get up every day and get it done FOR YOU.

This last point is more about how I charge for my time to teach you and hopefully change your life for the better. I charge for an assessment and if we can agree on our findings from your perspective, we move forward with a financial arrangement that is based on your time commitment. From that point forward it is no longer about a number of lessons, it is about getting your game from where it is to where you want it to be.

If you would like to schedule an assessment you have two choices. You can choose a 90 minute assessment on the practice tee along with a 9 hole playing lesson OR 3 private lessons with a 9 hole playing lesson. Click here for more information on scheduling your assessment of your choice.

I wish the best for you and your life. My ultimate goal is to help 1000 people every single day achieve their ultimate outcome in life.

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Step #3: Performance Based Golf Mental Skills Coaching


He takes every golfer through the phases of mastering golf mental skills:

Module 1 – Preparing the Athlete

Module 2 – Mindfulness and Cognitive Diffusion

Module 3 – Values and Values-Driven Behavior

Module 4 – Acceptance

Module 5 – Enhancing Commitment

Module 6 – Poise

Module 7 – Maintaining and Enhancing MAC

The Mindfulness-Acceptance and Commitment approach is a program with the ultimate goal of performance enhancement through enhanced regulation of attention and poise.

We will achieve these MAC goals through our discussions, in-session exercises, and between session activities to develop greater moment-to-moment self-awareness and increase tolerance of negative thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.  

MAC is designed to help you enhance attention and poise without any need to reduce, or control the naturally occurring internal experiences.  Rather, we want to work on your ability to allow these naturally occurring experiences to come and go as passing and normal aspects of the human experience.  

One goal of the MAC approach is to move the athlete away from self-focus and more towards task-focus!



*Developed from: Gardner, F. & Moore, Z. (2007). The Psychology of Enhancing Human Performance: The Mindfulness-Acceptance-Commitment (MAC) Approach. New York: Springer