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Experience Athlete Focused Golf Instruction

Come Get Your Golf On… We are a bit different than your average golf instructor… we get your to where you want to be and keep you there!

We get our players to the next level and develop beginners to play for life.

We’re big on accountability and following the process for improvement. We are not band-aid trainers or one and done sessions.

Our philosophy is focused on process goals with measurable progress on a daily basis. Golf is hard and it takes discipline but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

We recommend a full assessment for first time students. We’ll see if we gel well and get you comfortable with our teaching philosophy.

We’re known for being overly entertaining but very straightforward about how you learn.

During our first session we’ll set the standard for your process of learning

If you’re a beginner we’ll get you started with the basics…

If you’re a player we’ll assess power, video analyze the positions of the club, assess mindset and see how you respond to drills and challenges.

As a convenience, we have our golf learning sessions at The Polo Field Golf Center at 915 E. Mulberry Ave, San Antonio, Texas 78212.

We’re a big believer in course management. We’ll plan for a playing lesson to assess your emotion and approach to the strategy of your game if we decide to move forward to work as a team.

If we decide not to continue with each other you have access to the assessment videos and analysis in your training space at CoachNow. Every lesson and analysis will be archived for your review and ease of continued specific practice.

Our Rates and Fees:

New Student Full Game Introductory Assessment $500 CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR ASSESSMENT – 3 Private Lessons and 9 Hole Playing Lesson. Included is video analysis, Online Video Accountability Coaching for 1 year, specific deliberate drill sequence, Access to Game and Shot Video Library, Launch Monitor Ball Flight Analysis

Elite Golf Performance Program 1 YEAR COMMITMENT includes swing video analysis, Online Video Accountability Coaching, specific deliberate drill sequence, Access to Game and Shot Video Library, Launch Monitor Ball Flight Analysis Functional Movement Screen Golf Fitness Training Program with specific online video workout program ($250 value), Unlimited Private Golf Lessons (PLUS $15 Lesson Fee), Unlimited 9 Hole Playing Lessons (Plus green fees for student and instructor), Online Video Analysis and Virtual Coaching for 1 year, specific deliberate drill sequence, shot enhancements. Please schedule a phone call to discuss your level of commitment.

We offer a long term commitment to your golf improvement. After we have completed our assessment we will discuss your level of commitment to maximizing your potential.

*** Active SAGPx Members – please use your unique link to schedule and pay your $15 lesson fee. Text Brandi Jo 210.563.8595 if you need to reset your link.

*Terms and Conditions: https://sagolfperformance.com/terms-and-conditions/