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Athlete Focused

Golf Performance

We develop strong willed athletes who play golf

The Team

Focus On Every Aspect of The Athlete

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Brandi Jo Newman

Drawing from over 20 years of professional touring and teaching experience, Brandi Jo Newman gives you the blueprint to great golf.

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Claudia Ramirez

She has over 20 years of training experience and specializes in all areas of fitness including golf fitness, high-risk clients, and sound nutrition practices. She holds certifications from The National Strength and Conditioning Association, The Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research and The Titleist Performance Institute.

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Lyn McDonald

Like any physical skill, he helps athletes understand that mental skills can be developed and improved over time with practice. There are no short cuts, but those who want to perform at their optimum level can achieve this through a little extra effort and mental skills development.

The Foundation

Building Strong Willed Golfers

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Scoring is not golf per se... It is the dividing line between winning and losing. We teach you how to score no matter what obstacles are in front of you.

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Mental Skills

Mastering the game of golf is not possible. The only goal that is attainable is finding your own potential.

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Great golf is more art than athleticism. Mastering your own flexibility and mobility is the first step towards effortless golf.

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Playing The Game

We build the conduit from practice tee to the first tee by spending 40% of our time on the course to develop great athlete golfers.

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Online Video Golf Training Tools

You will receive an email from CoachNow in the next few hours… Set your login details and download the app to your phone or tablet. I will receive a confirmation when you have joined your training space. First thing after you have your login set for CoachNow is to record your video with a tripod […]

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Boom Boom Barry Found The Golf Money Slot | Charles Thank You! | BrandiJoNewman.com

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