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Golf Mental Skills Training

1 Minute Mindfulness For Golfers

Reduce Your “Golf Stress” With These Mindfulness Techniques What comes to mind when you someone recommends that you practice mindfulness? Maybe you think of meditation. Maybe you think of yoga. Maybe you think of long stretches of awkward silence. Maybe you think of essential oils and/or incense. Or, maybe you think of a deep spiritual …

Step #3: Performance Based Golf Mental Skills Coaching

Lyn McDonald utilizes the THE MINDFULNESS-ACCEPTANCE-COMMITMENT (MAC) APPROACH* He takes every golfer through the phases of mastering golf mental skills: Module 1 – Preparing the Athlete Module 2 – Mindfulness and Cognitive Diffusion Module 3 – Values and Values-Driven Behavior Module 4 – Acceptance Module 5 – Enhancing Commitment Module 6 – Poise Module 7 – …