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Online Video Golf Training Tools

You will receive an email from CoachNow in the next few hours… Set your login details and download the app to your phone or tablet. I will receive a confirmation when you have joined your training space.

First thing after you have your login set for CoachNow is to record your video with a tripod or Golf Selfie System.

Please line up the middle of the frame parallel to your body line. Use an alignment rod to “square” up the frame of your recording device. Here is an example:

You will upload 4 swing videos:

#1 – Driver: Face on

#2 – Driver: Down the line

#3 – 7 iron: Face on

#4 – 7 iron: Down the line

Once you have uploaded these swings I will send you a preliminary analysis. After you have acknowledged the analysis we will discuss your goals and set a practice plan in place for you to succeed.

Any questions just send me a text 210.563.8595

Brandi Jo