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Intro Package

We’d love to have the opportunity to help. 40% of our time is spent on the course with a focus on playing focus, mental performance and persistence.

We offer a 3 session intro package with full swing and game assessment – complete game evaluation – fitness, power, video swing analysis and online training space PLUS 9 HOLE PLAYING LESSON ($250 rate does not include $15 facility fee nor does it include green fees for player and instructor)

Book your first session here: https://calendly.com/vantagesuccess/lessons-com-special

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Book here: https://calendly.com/vantagesuccess/lessons-com-special

We bring the complete package of golf technology to all our athletes – CoachNow.io, es14 Tracer Technology, TPI Fitness Training and as well as using my professional touring career to help you navigate your path to success.

We are a bit different when it comes to getting my players to the next level.

We’re big on accountability and following the process for improvement. We are not bandaid trainers, coaches or advisors.

Our team philosophy is focused on process goals with measurable progress on a daily basis. Golf is hard and it takes discipline but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun becoming the golfer and person you want to be.

During our first team session we’ll set the standard for your process of learning.

If we decide not to continue with each other you have access to the assessment videos and analysis in your training space at CoachNow. Every session we have will be stored so you can review and complete homework assignments.

If you have questions send a text to 210.563.8595 and we’ll call you back.

Brandi Jo Newman and Claudia Ramírez

Co-Founders, San Antonio Golf Performance