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2019 Thanksgiving Flash Sale

Happy Turkey Month!

We are entering the “off season”. We as golfers use this time of the year to grind and make difficult changes. As we know changes take time, effort and focus.

Claudia and I would like to show our gratitude for your effort up to this point with our annual Thanksgiving Flash Sale. We offer a “stupid” annual rate for our programs that we hope will inspire you to be better with your improvement program.

The annual flash sales happen once in the fall/winter and once in the spring around Brandi Jo’s birthday. We limit these to our newest and most inspirational students.

Please click the button below to take advantage of this offer before Nov 30th 2019

*** If you are currently enrolled in a quarterly monthly program this offer will extend past your current program. We want you to enjoy the most amount of time you can with us. These time periods will never overlap or cancel each other out… for example, if you are currently in a quarterly program that ends Jan 31 2020 this annual flash sale offer will begin at that time and will last until Jan 31 2021.

If you have any questions please call Brandi Jo 210.563.8595