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10 Points San Antonio Golf Performance Belief System

  • Your potential is nearly limitless. How much do you want?
  • You can acquire new skills in any area at any time. How hard are you willing to work?
  • Your maximum potential requires focus and disciplined practice to acquire new skills. Our focused, individualized unique way Boone training programs will get you there.
  • It doesn’t matter who we are today. It only matters who we want to become and how hard we are willing to work to become that person.
  • Mistakes are a great teacher to those who are willing to admit they’ve made one.
  • Those of us who want to be the best we can be don’t make excuses. Ever.
  • Any obstacle can be overcome – physicality and financially.
  • Have very clear, specific, measurable extremely high goals.
  • Do not do anything that could interrupt your path to success.
  • Take the red pill.

Inspired by Tom Bilyeu, Impact Theory Community